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The Body Fitness Profile

Now you can use breakthrough computer technology to help discover the secrets to your health and weight challenges. By altering the body chemistry through cleansing, detoxifying, oxygenating, and balancing the body, you have the capability to lead a healthier and longer life. Based on your responses to a comprehensive Data Profile questionnaire (that will be sent to you by return mail), you will receive:
  • An easy-to-understand computer-generated analysis of your metabolic and dietary status
  • A 22-30 page (minimum) report with specific observations and recommendations
  • Full-color graphs of where you stand relative to each of the ten critical metabolic factors.
    Just fill out the Data Profile that we send you and return it to us. We'll send you the Body Fitness Profile , which will enable you to understand you internal body systems and their functions. It's like having a private consultation with your own staff of professsionals ... in the privacy of your home ... and at at fraction of the cost.

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