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Team 100 Boot Camp
Week One Replay - mp3

Week One Materials

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Weight Management

Special Weight Loss Alert-Life and Death Begins in the Colon.

Special Report - Becoming a "Lean Mean Machine"

Special Weight Loss Alert - How To Adjust Your Metabolic Clock


Degenerative Health Issues

Special Report on "Chronic Pain"


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Women's Health

Special Fitness Alert How to Reverse Aging Through Ph Balancing and Oxygenation

Change of Life Concerns....What IS a Woman to do?

A Healthier You, with Deepak Chopra


Attention Deficit Disorder - What Every Parent Needs to Know

Special Fitness Alert on Toxic Metal Exposure and Healthy Heartbeats

Special Report on Teen & Adult Acne

A.D.D. - What Parents Needs To Know

Preventing Colds & Flu

Fat Chance, At Last!


Body Fitness Profile

Now you can use breakthrough computer technology to help discover the secrets to your health and weight challenges. By altering the body chemistry through cleansing, detoxifying, oxygenating, and balancing the body, you have the capability to lead a healthier and longer life. Read more....





You too can discover that there is life without dieting.

For more detailed information and our recommendations for all-natural, botanical help in kicking back into a weight loss mode, contact our office for a customized report to obtain even faster results.


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